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Zeppelin Live
The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute

Zeppelin Live - Black Dog

Zeppelin Live - Black Dog

Zeppelin Live

The Led Zeppelin Show is Australia’s premiere and most authentic tribute to Led Zeppelin. Complete with costumes, stage presentation, authentic instruments and equipment the same as Led Zeppelin used on stage, The Led Zeppelin Show captures the electricity and live experience of a Led Zeppelin concert.

The Led Zeppelin Show (featuring Zeppelin Live) formed in Sydney, in 2001 by founder Andrew Armstrong for the love of Led Zeppelin. After a few line up changes, the band has come around full circle.

The band consists of Grant Ventura lead vocals and harmonica, Andrew Armstrong electric and acoustic guitars, Luke Paul (Jones) Bjazevich on bass, keyboards and mandolin, Luke Coiro on drums and percussion. All members of this band have been playing in the music industry in various cover, tribute and original bands for several years.

The Led Zeppelin Show, captures the live stage performances, with the band maintaining the authenticity by using the same instruments and sounds that Led Zeppelin used, making it real to the audience, taking you back to the 1970’s.

The band plays 90% of Led Zeppelin catalogue, all without the aid of any backing tracks whatsoever…completely live!

Zeppelin Live - Rock and Roll

Zeppelin Live - Rock and Roll

Zeppelin Live - Kashmir

Zeppelin Live - Kashmir

Zeppelin Live - Stairway To Heaven

Zeppelin Live - Stairway To Heaven


Playing all the classics

Rock And Roll
Black Dog
Whole Lotta Love
Stairway To Heaven
Misty Mountain Hop
Going To California
All Of My Love
Dazed & Confused
The Song Remains The Same
Immigrant Song
Since I’ve Been Loving You
The Ocean
Trampled Underfoot
Good Times Bad Times
Communication Breakdown
What Is And What Should Never Be
Ramble On
No Quarter
Night Flight
Custard Pie
Houses Of The Holy
Sick Again
Wanton Song
Black Country Women
Living Loving Maid
Moby Dick
Celebration Day
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Achilles Last Stand
For Your Life
In My Time Of Dying
Bron-Yur Stomp
In The Light
Dy’ Maker
Over The Hills And Far Away
Dancing Days
Thank You
Bring It On Home
That’s The Way

and many more .....

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Zeppelin Live - Rock and Roll
Zeppelin Live - Kashmir
Zeppelin Live
      - Stairway To Heaven

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