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Divinyls Show


‘Temperamental Divinyls show features the striking Suzy Leigh as Chrissie Amphlett in an incredible tribute to a much loved and missed legend of Australian Rock. Temperamental is a show of respect for arguably the finest female performer in Australia and a tip of the hat to Divinyls’ lasting influence.

Temperamental uses a full six-piece band with no baking tracks – just exceptional musicianship. For an incredible night of entertainment be sure to catch Temperamental and be mesmerised by the experience.’


Pleasure and Pain
I'm Jealous
Science Fiction
Boys in Town
Back to the Wall
Hey Little Boy
Aint gonna eat out my heart
      – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Touch Myself
Only Lonely
Casual Encounter
Sleeping Beauty
Good Die Young
I'll Make You Happy
Don’t Go Walking
Sex Will Keep Us Together
Guillotine Day
In My Life
I’m On Your Side
Love School
Guillotine Day
Love is the Drug
      – from Super Mario Brothers
Wild Thing – from Reckless Kelly

and many more .....

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