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Tattoo For You
A Tribute To Rose Tattoo

Tattoo For You

Rose Tattoo started in the Australian Pub Rock scene in 1975. They were essentially a hard rock blues band that wrote songs that had plenty of anthemic chouruses, great guitar work and lyrics that were about the street. This matched with a pint sized giant of a front man (Angry Anderson) who told the story with one of the most under rated voices in rock paved the way through Australia and then overseas markets.

They were one of the three Australian great Rock heroes that were under the Albert Productions mastered by George Young and Harry Vanda. The other two were of course AC/DC and The Angels.

Rose Tattoo were giants of the rock scene and were very rarely away from it. They were involved in most Australian Rock festivals, and recently took part in the European Rock festivals (Wacken Festival, and Castle Donnington Rock Festival). They have nearly reached their 40 year mark with album sales still growing in Australia, Europe and America. They are still touring and are truly worthy of having their music played live and loud.

Tattoo For You was established in 2011 to pay tribute to Rose Tattoo. It is made up of guys that respect the music and play it live capturing the sound of the band. The songs that are played are made up of all the hits (Bad Boy For Love, Scarred For Life, Rock n Roll Outlaw, We Can’t Be Beaten) with the inclusion of Rose Tattoo’s most respected covers. Eg Born To Be Wild which reached number 3 on the singles chart in Australia.

If you like Rose Tattoo or Aussie Rock n Roll check out Tattoo For You.


Bad Boy For Love
Born To be Wild
Scarred For Life
B;ackeyed Bruiser
Rock N Roll Outlaw
We Can’t Be Beaten
Who’s Got The Cash
Rock N Roll Is King
One Of The Boys
Outta This Place
Southern Stars
I Wish
Let Us Live
Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock N Roll

and many more .....

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